To celebrate tender connection with yourself and nature

tuli organic is a Polish ready-to-wear brand created out of love for fashion, natural fabrics and a passion for the beauty of craftsmanship. In our designs we combine minimalism with a touch of wildness, we play with form, colour, proportions and focus on unexpected details.

All tuli organic garments are sewn by hand in local tailors from body-wrapping, top-quality materials - mainly linen and silk produced in Poland and France. By creating individual garments rather than collections, we strive to offer unique items that were missing from our own wardrobes. Giving up seasonality and sewing in small runs from trusted tailors is a conscious decision that allows us to listen to you and your needs, eliminate the problem of overproduction of clothes and find the golden mean between quality and price.

We believe that fashion created in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way can be beautiful, feminine and comfortable to wear. Through designs with our label, we want to celebrate the body and add confidence. Along the way, we will be sharing our tips and tricks on how to easily wear tuli for everyday, for holidays, for different occasions. We hope this will inspire you to try them out for yourself.


tuli organic